Basic Info

I am a 3rd year Robotics Ph.D. student at Georgia Institute of Technology. I finished my Bachelor's degree in the School of Computer Science, at Carnegie Mellon University.

Current Projects

  • Planning in Constraint Space - This is a project where the goal was to autonomously design structures that are functional. For instance, what can a robot do if it needs to climb a tall structure or cross over a body of water and it can manipulate some objects? Moreover, how can we guarantee that the planner will find a solution if there is one? Here is an example where an agent comes up with such a plan where it uses a counter weight to build a bridge over some fire and climbs a height. You can try the code here.
  • Golem Krang - A Segway-like balancing robot which weighs more than 140 kgs (300 lbs) and can reach a height of 1.90m (6' 2''). The size of the robot allows dynamic manipulation, that is, leveraging its weight and momentum to move heavy objects. See this video where Krang manipulates two obstacles, 100 kgs (220 lb) and 40 kgs (90 lb), to clear a doorway and build a bridge in a search and rescue scenario.


Bloggity Blog

  • Useful Ubuntu Commands - This is the list of some useful commands that I keep forgetting.
  • Possible Mini Projects - This is the list of some projects that I want to complete either for educational reasons or completing previous work.
  • Random Code - This is a collection of random code I have written over the years.

Last update: May 10, 2012

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