Golem Krang

A Segway-like balancing robot which weighs more than 140 kgs (300 lbs) and can reach a height of 1.90m (6' 2''). The size of the robots allows dynamic manipulation, that is, leveraging its weight and momentum to move heavy objects. See this video where Krang manipulates two obstacles, 100 kgs (220 lb) and 40 kgs (90 lb), to clear a doorway and build a bridge in a search and rescue scenario.


The Krang is the main robot that leads the MacGyver project which focused on using random objects in the environment to overcome challenges. Imagine you are in a search and rescue scenario. There are bunch of bricks, broken wooden plates and soft ply wood, and you need to get out of a blocked door or rescue someone under some rubble. What objects would you use? How?

The main collaborators on the Krang/MacGyver projects are the Ph.D. students, Munzir Zafar, and Saul Reynolds-Haertle. This semester, the project involves the following undergraduate students: Peng Hou, Greg Patrick, Xinyan Yan, Jian Chen, Bi Ge and Tyler Durkota.

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