Responsability Of A Roboticist


I have been thinking the last few days about what the robotics community has achieved over the past 40 years. Having said that, I should first note that I know nothing. I just have these vague impressions upon which I base my random thoughts on.

Given that, I should share my impressions then. And my impression is that the roboticists do not do as much as they can do. My impression is that there is a lack of common goal, a higher motivation. It is easy to lose the big picture when one is working on arcane, deep parts of a subject.

I guess my question is what would happen if we found out that aliens are going to attack our world in the next 2 years and our only chance is to create incredible robots to defend us? To fight for us, heal us, cook for us, teach us, raise us and etc. I am just curious given the ambitions of the first roboticists in claiming to solve major problems of our days in mere months and our increased numbers today, whether we can't do better.

And this ties to the responsability. Today I was thinking that I am probably one of the 10,000 - 100,000 people who can do what I do. And I am probably one of the 1,000 - 10,000 people who have access to the opportunities, funding and people related to robotics. And given the potential of robotics, what we can do to save lives and make lives better, am I not responsible to do better? To work harder for a more humanistic cause? Is that too idealistic?

It is not that I do not enjoy playing with expensive robots, coming up with crazy ideas and being acknowledged for my creativity or work ethic. But I think there should be more to what I do, what we do, more than 6-15 hours a day.

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