Urban Search And Rescue Simulation With Lego Mindstorms

The project was done in the Introduction to Robotics course by Howie Choset, as a requirement of the Robotics minor. The goal of the project was to design a teleoperated robot that can survive the harsh conditions of an urban search and rescue mission. The robot had to be small enough to go through tight corridors and doorways, handle stairways and rubble, crush through walls and handle a 2 feet fall. The disaster area was an hospital with infected patients, i.e. the "zombies". The mission was to guide the robot through the corridors to identify the survivors and the zombies, and fight (!) against a zombie robot which would try to push you off the edge of the building.

Below are two videos throughout the design phase as the robot climbs up the wheels and handles bumps. Here are also the side view and front view of the design.

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